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Definition: Pad printing

FAQ 30.04.2023

What is Pad printing?

In the printing process, the pad is the part that physically transfers the ink from the cliché to the object. This pad is often made with silicone rubber, because it is flexible and can adapt to the different shapes and sizes of the printing surface. The pad is positioned on a wood, aluminum or plastic base and uses fasteners for insertion in different machines.

Silicones for pad printing

The silicone pad has valuable features, including:

  • Excellent mechanical properties, such as tear resistance and elasticity, ensuring long pad life
  • High chemical resistance to corrosive substances in solvents and inks
  • Reusability for thousands of print runs of certain parts in many applications
  • Adaptability, based on dilution with silicone oils, to any hardness required

All these features mean that silicone pads fully release the ink they contain and are therefore easy to clean, reducing maintenance needs and costs.