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Additive Manufacturing

FAQ 25.06.2023

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing is a revolutionary printing process that manufactures real physical objects by gradually building up layers of material. The Additive Manufacturing print head deposits materials in three dimensions and, in certain ways, is the opposite of traditional milling that eliminates materials from a block or a rough initial mold.

Additive Manufacturing is used to make an ever-increasing range of objects for both personal and industrial uses, such as

  • In-home and recreational activities, for making toys, hobby models, reproductions, personalized gifts, artistic creations and many other unique objects with different materials
  • In industrial processing, it is used end-to-end in the design-to-manufacturing stages, from prototyping direct from CAD to test parts, right through to serial production and spare parts making.
  • The use of Additive Manufacturing is constantly being developed in new industries such as construction, using new materials as diverse as natural clays and silicones.