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Heat insulators

FAQ 29.04.2023

Is silicone a good heat insulator?

Silicone is an excellent heat insulation material used in a wide variety of applications, from sealants in construction to domestic appliances, via the protection of electronic parts. It can be formulated to insulate and protect against in a wide temperature range, from -70°C to 350°C, over long periods of time.

For industrial assembly and electronic protection, for example, silicone offers different formats and degrees of density, making it a highly flexible product that can be used simultaneously for heat insulation, bonding, and protection against all hazards.

Silicone offers other features: excellent mechanical properties to withstand stress, easy installation and maintenance, water repellency and more resistance to UV and extreme temperature fluctuations than organic polymers. Therefore, silicone is a prime material for heat insulation, both in terms of performance and compliance with rigorous international standards and specifications.