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Industrial Assembly

FAQ 10.11.2021

What are the main applications for silicones in Industrial Assembly?

The list of industries using silicones for different assembly processes is almost endless: aeronautics & aerospace, automotive, transport, home appliances, traditional and renewable energy suppliers, etc. They are being adopted by an ever-growing number of industrial producers, both large and small, as new and innovative uses of this ultra-versatile material are developed. High-performance off-the-shelf and customized silicone solutions are used for sealing, gasketing and bonding parts, to protect electrical components (potting, encapsulating, and insulating) and to shield parts from water, dust, chemical and environmental hazards.

The materials used in these applications must be durable, safe and, depending on their use, offer exceptional adhesion and outstanding mechanical performance, as well as resistance to extreme temperature variations, corrosive fluids and fire.

Encapsulation and Potting Electronics with Silicone Solutions