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All about rapid prototyping

FAQ 06.06.2023

How does rapid prototyping work?

Rapid prototyping is an important stage in the design, development and approval process leading up to serial manufacturing. Once new virtual models are produced in CAD, industrial customers often need to rapidly produce physical prototypes before ramping up production. In prototypes, new products come to life and can be tested for true performance.

Silicone has become the preferred material worldwide for fast prototype molding of tooling and parts because it delivers the right features:

Full transparency to see the object in the mold, ideal for cut molds or two-part silicone tools

  • Excellent clarity and easy coloring
  • Outstanding mechanical properties, including tear resistance
  • More parts reproduced per mold due to high chemical resistance to artificial resins (PU, Epoxy, PES)
  • Accurate reproduction of details and easy mold release, including no shrinkage when cured
  • Multiple catalyst systems, providing greater flexibility and choice.