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Silicone molding for concrete

FAQ 16.05.2023

How can silicone molds be used for casting concrete objects or parts?

Casting concrete stone materials in silicone molds is a convenient and accurate means to reproduce detailed designs for the creation of stone columns, wall sidings, rendering patterns or other decorative and functional architectural elements. To ensure that your design is reproduced accurately each time, it is important to choose the right material for each type of mold. Silicone provides superior performance features for molding concrete fixtures because it can consistently withstand multiple castings, given that it is durable and inalterable.

Advanced Molding & Printing with Silicones

Also, compared to other commonly used materials, such as latex and polyurethane, silicone features low shrinkage, excellent release properties, dimensional stability, high elongation capacities and shorter curing times. To optimize the rubbery properties of silicone for concrete casting, it is recommended to make molds within a specific thickness range, from 0.6-0.9mm.