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Five places you did not expect to find silicone as a product-enhancing material

Most of us like to use shampoo in the shower and sunscreen on the beach, and for many consumers daily use of deodorants is a must. Sounds familiar? Then the probability is high that you surround yourself with silicone on a regular basis

Personal Care and Consumer Goods 23.11.2022

Every year, hundreds of thousands of personal care and cosmetic products are launched worldwide. A high percentage of these use silicones in their formulations to enhance their efficacy in a wide variety of applications.

Elkem has a long history in delivering sustainable silicone products to the personal care and cosmetic products industries, leveraging on more than 70 years of the proven performance of silicones to help our customers delivering their potential.

What are silicones?
Silicones are inert synthetic compounds that come in a variety of forms (including oilrubber and resin). Typically, heat-resistant and rubber-like, they are present in sealants, adhesives, lubricants, medical applications, personal care products, cookware and insulation. Silicones are polymers that contain silicon, combined with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and, in some cases, other elements.

Here are five places where you perhaps did not expect to find silicone as a product-enhancing material:

  1. In hair care products (shampoo and conditioners, shine sprays and frizz serums, etc.) they provide superior conditioning, add shine, control frizz, and provide easy detangling and protection from further damage.
  2. In skin care products (creams, lotions, and anti-aging serums, acne treatments, etc.) they add a silky-smooth feel to the skin and mask fine lines to deliver the attributes of a healthier and more youthful appearance.
  3. In sunscreen products (skin creams, lotions and foundations with sun protection factor, SPF) they reduce the tackiness of organic sunscreens, boost the SPF and increase the water repellency
  4. In color cosmetics (lipsticks and lip colors, foundations, eye shadows, primers, powders, etc.) they impart color intensity, uniformity, non-transfer, luminosity and comfort with long lasting performance
  5. In APDEO products (anti-perspirant and deodorant gels, sticks, roll-ons and aerosols) they reduce the whiteness and the tack of the antiperspirant salt, improve skin feel and provide easy glide.

Elkem has developed several product brands focusing on innovation and technologies to help customers innovate and differentiate.