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Extrusion of Tubes and Catheters

Healthcare 11.11.2020

For each application a different type of tube

Different applications – automatic distributors, coffee machines, steam ironing stations, medical catheters, peristaltic pumps – all require different types of tubes. Sought-after features include transparency, compliance with food and beverage or medical standards, proper mechanical properties, cleaning and sterilization possibilities, etc. Silicones are ideal to meet all of these criteria.

Elkem Silicones an industry standard for tubes and catheters

The Elkem Silicones range of products includes all the materials required for the extrusion of tubes and catheters, to optimize manufacturing processes and achieve the best results. We have developed special silicones that offer a wide range of required features: hardness, transparency, tensile & tear strength, rebound resiliency, heat stability, compression set, etc. For example, our MF 100 and MF 300 series are particularly appreciated for their transparency. In terms of hardness, our range extends from 10 à 90 Shores A, enabling you to meet a wide range of applications. Our materials are certified to the highest standards, including USP Class VI, FDA, etc.

Our medical materials (Silbione™ 71000 and HCRA series) are used by benchmark medical device makers, illustrating our ability to service the most demanding industries.

We propose peroxide catalysis or Platinum (1, 2 or 4 components) systems and our Very High Temperature materials – MM 40 THT, MM 50 THT, MM 60 THT, MM 70 THT – have become industry standards. They are particularly efficient in simultaneously withstanding high temperatures and high levels of steam pressure. It goes without saying that our silicones offer robust resistance to UV radiation. This makes it possible to sterilize our tubes and catheters using radiation, EtO or steam (0.2 MPa at 122°C) for use in ultra-clean environments. Our silicones can also be color-coded to facilitate control and identification processes.

Furthermore, Elkem Silicones is investing in a new line in order to manufacture silicones with a high level of quality. These products are destined to be the reference of the market in term of purity for food-contact & medical applications. The Silbione™ range brings to customer the best guarantees & safety for a better peace of mind.

Beyond the quality of our products, we have the ability to understand your specifications and to provide you with precise solutions adapted to your needs. Our Mix&Fix™​​ Centers and our technical support teams work closely with you to make sure you have what you need and when you need it.