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The benefit of being a trainee at Elkem Salten

My time as a trainee I Elkem is over, and I am looking back at some exciting and interesting months. I had my last rotation at Elkem Salten, a plant filled with nice people and surrounded by fantastic nature! Then I recently went back to Elkem Thamshavn, starting as responsible for one of the largest silicon smelters in the world, a great challenge.


Trainee Blog 25.04.2022

‚ÄčAs a trainee I had the opportunity to work with two different productions teams. I learned a lot about furnace operation in general and worked more specific on digitalization and data analysis. Being a trainee in Elkem is probably the best career start I could have got. I have had many challenging tasks combined with support and enough time to learn as much as possible from each project.

I value my time outside work and appreciate flexibility. It was therefore a huge bonus for me that I could be responsible for my own project from early on, enabling long weekends out in nature. All the photos here are taken from my time at Elkem Salten, in short distance from the plant. And I tell you, the photos lie, it is even better in real life.

Elkem Salten has three furnaces, a brand new energy recovery plant, and lots of interesting tasks. I would be very surprised if someone did not enjoy a stay there! And with that said, I am pretty sure thiscounts for all Elkem sites.

So, if you are young and about to finish a technical degree, I really hope you see the opportunity and apply as Trainee in Elkem.