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Women and Girls in Science

Elkem around the world 13.02.2023

On International Day of Women in Science, we're celebrating the amazing accomplishments of female scientists in the Elkem organization. To do so, we've interviewed some of our research experts to learn more about their experiences and how they've achieved their success. From their inspiring stories of determination and excellence, we learn how these women have made a lasting impact on the scientific community. From their perspectives, we gain insight into the challenges they faced and the strategies they used to overcome them.

At Elkem, we believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to innovation and progress.

We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming work environment that celebrates diversity, encourages collaboration, and allows everyone to bring their unique perspectives to the table. We expect our employees to contribute to a culture that respects everyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, age, disability, and more.

At the occasion of this international day, we have connected to 10 of our talented colleagues to learn more about their experiences in the field and their thoughts on diversity, multiculturalism, and equality. Join us as we delve into what it takes to be a successful scientist in a male-dominated industry.

A world tour for 10 inspiring conversations from newcomers to 33 years experienced Ladies in their fields.

“When I arrived at Elkem, that was the first thing I noticed. We have a company with strong women in all departments, and I am proud to be one of them!” (Luciana, Sao Paulo), from team member to location manager: “Besides that, I’m proud of the team I’m with now, where everyone, including myself, is encouraged to keep learning and keep innovating.” (Maggie, Shanghai)

Through this enriching adventure, we’ve traveled the world seeking for singularities and different point of views. Our journey started by Asia where we had our first chat with Ophelie ZHONG (Process Analyst) & Maggie ZHOU (APAC Technical Service Leader). Then we visited our locations in Europe, and we had the chance to discuss with Laure BERTAND (Manager for Technical Services) and Agnès JOLLY (Global Leader of Technical Services) both located in France, Lisa SHEPPARD (Research & Technology and QHSE manager), Montserrat PONS (Technical Service) in Spain and Hong Peng (Senior Research Scientist and Project Manager) in Norway. Finally, we crossed the ocean to engage with our Americas colleagues. In North America we met Atchara THOMPSON (Technical Service Representative) and in Brazil we discussed with Luciana LIMA (Technical Service Analyst) et Isabella MOARES (Technical Service Leader).

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“Without the curiosity of the mind, what would we be? Such is the beauty and the nobility of science: the endless wish to push back the frontiers of knowledge, to track down the secrets of matter and life without any preconceived ideas of the possible consequences.” Marie Curie

Those inspiring women are leading the way for the rest of us to follow. Their words are a powerful reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the scientific community and of the need for us all to work together to create a more equitable future. At Elkem, we are committed to fostering a culture of diversity, multiculturalism, and equality. We are proud to celebrate the International Day of Women in Science and to recognize the accomplishments of the amazing women in our organization.